About Chandra

Chandra DeBuse works at a table in a room with plants in a sunny window. She is handbuilding a ceramic object with a slab of clay.

Chandra DeBuse was bitten by the clay bug in 1998 when she took a community wheel throwing class at Down Under Pottery in Lincoln, NE. Her clay journey took her to the University of Florida where she received her MFA in 2010 and to Gatlinburg, TN where she was a resident artist at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.

She currently lives and works as a full time studio artist in Kansas City, KS. Her illustrated porcelain pots feature stylized imagery from the natural word, such as flowers, bugs, squirrels, opossums, and armadillos. 


Her work is wheel thrown and hand built porcelain with hand drawn imagery created through incising, inlay, brushwork and sgraffito techniques. She colors her pieces with translucent glazes. All pieces are fired two or more times in an electric kiln.

Chandra's ceramic work has been featured in Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated and Studio Potter magazines, as well as several books. She has been invited to teach workshops at numerous art centers, craft schools and universities across the United States and Canada. She particularly loves sharing how ceramic surface qualities of line, shape, color and composition work on functional objects to inspire a sense of discovery through use.